The following are the terms and conditions of agreement (“Terms and Conditions”) for the sale of products (“Products”) by Vocalgebra, s.r.o. (“Vocalgebra”) to Vocalgebra’s customers (“Customers”).

Agreements under these Terms and Condition of sale form the sole agreement with respect to the sale of products, and supersedes all proposals, negotiations, conversations, discussions, agreements and/or representations, whether oral or written, including any industry custom or past dealing between the parties relating to the sale of products.

Acceptance and cancellation of orders

Website availability and pricing is an invitation to Customer to tender an offer. Responses to quotes, and other inquiries for pricing and availability are not construed as an offer by Vocalgebra. Acceptance will be in writing, by an Order Confirmation e-mail. Orders accepted by Vocalgebra may be cancelled by Customer upon written consent of Vocalgebra provided such order is not “NC/NR” or “Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable”, “Non-Standard Products”, or governed by a Purchase Agreement Letter. Non-standard products are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Vocalgebra may identify Products as non-standard or “NC/NR” by various means including quotes, Products lists, attachments or exhibits. Customer may not change, cancel or reschedule Orders for Products without Vocalgebra’s consent. If after acceptance by Vocalgebra of the Customer’s order, the Customer cancels the order, Vocalgebra may request the Customer pay Vocalgebra reasonable cancellation or reliance charges. These charges are paid to Vocalgebra by the Customer. Customer requests to reschedule are subject to acceptance by Vocalgebra in its sole discretion. Orders shall not be canceled or rescheduled after the order has been submitted by Vocalgebra to the shipment carrier. VOCALGEBRA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO LIMIT OR CANCEL ANY ORDER, AND HAS SOLE DISCRETION, TO ALLOCATE SALES, LIMIT QUANTITIES OF SELECTED PRODUCTS, AND LIMIT SELECTED PRODUCTS TO ITS CUSTOMERS. VOCALGEBRA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY ORDER, OR ANY PART OF AN ORDER. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS AND AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.


Returns are accepted when completed within 60 days of the ship date for the convenience of the Customer. If Vocalgebra agrees to accept a return, return freight charges must be prepaid by Customer. All return items must be in the original packaging, unused, untested, un-programmed, and in resalable condition. These statements concerning Returns, do not apply to NON-CANCELABLE/NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTS. (See the NON-CANCELABLE/NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTS section in these terms.)

Counterfeit Product Prevention Clause

Only products originally shipped from Vocalgebra will be returned to Vocalgebra. All others will be promptly quarantined and disposed of or returned to the Customer. By a Customer returning products to Vocalgebra, the Customer certifies that the products were purchased from Vocalgebra and there has been no substitution in whole or part of same product from another supplier, distributor or other such source of the product. The return should be in the original packaging, in unused and untested condition (except defective).

Terms of payment

After your order is placed we will e-mail a Proforma invoice which includes our bank information, the merchandise total and shipping charges. All payments must be made based on the information on the received Proforma Invoice. We will reserve stock for your order for 72 hours on orders awaiting funds. Orders will be canceled after 30 business days if funds have not been received. Customer is responsible for duties and taxes.

Delivery and title

Vocalgebra will make reasonable efforts to initiate shipment and schedule delivery as close as possible to Customer’s requested delivery date(s). Customer acknowledges that delivery dates provided by Vocalgebra are estimates only, and that Vocalgebra will not be liable for failure to deliver on such dates. Selection of the carrier and delivery route will be made by Vocalgebra unless specifically designated by Customer. Vocalgebra reserves the right to make deliveries in installments. Delay in delivery of one installment will not entitle Customer to cancel any other installment(s). Delivery of any installment of Products within thirty (30) days after the date requested will constitute a timely delivery. Delivery of a quantity that varies from the quantity specified shall not relieve Customer of the obligation to accept delivery and pay for the Products delivered.

Limited warranty

Vocalgebra makes no other warranty, express or implied, with respect to the Products. Vocalgebra’s liability arising out of any sale of products to Customer is expressly limited to either (1) Refund of the purchase price paid by Customer for such Products (without interest), or (2) Repair and/or replacement of such Products, at Vocalgebra’s election, with such remedies exclusive, and excluding all others. Customer must notify Vocalgebra within 90 days from date of shipment of any defective product. This warranty excludes any and all other warranties, whether oral, written, expressed, implied or statutory. Implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability are specifically excluded and shall not apply. Customer’s obligations and Vocalgebra’s remedies with respect to defective or nonconforming products, are solely and exclusively as stated herein. Furthermore, no warranty will apply if the Product has been subject to misuse, static discharge, neglect, accident, modification, or has been soldered, or altered in any way.

Limitation of liabilities

IN NO EVENT SHALL VOCALGEBRA BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE including, but not limited to, damages resulting from loss of profit or revenue, recall costs, claims for service interruptions or failure to supply downtime, testing, installation or removal costs, costs of substitute products, property damage, personal injury, death or legal expenses. Customer’s recovery from Vocalgebra for any claim shall not exceed the purchase price paid by Customer for the goods, irrespective of the nature of the claim, whether in warrant, contract or otherwise.

Non-cancelable non-returnable products

Vocalgebra will notify Customer whether a product is “NC/NR”, (Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable) upon determining that an order requires such conditions of sale. Customer understands that “NC/NR” products are obtained by Vocalgebra from the manufacturer specifically for the Customer. Irrespective of circumstances, the Customer agrees that “NC/NR” products may not be cancelled, returned or rescheduled by the Customer without the agreement of Vocalgebra.

Intellectual property

If an order includes software or other intellectual property, such software or other intellectual property is provided by Vocalgebra to Customer subject to the copyright and user license, the terms and conditions of which are set forth in the license agreement accompanying such software or other intellectual property. Nothing herein shall be construed to grant any rights or license to use any software or other intellectual property in any manner or for any purpose not expressly permitted by such license agreement. Unopened software may be returned for credit. Opened software may not be returned unless defective.

Force majeure

Vocalgebra will not be liable for delays in delivery or for failure to perform its obligations due to causes beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, product allocations, material shortages, labor disputes, transportation delays, unforeseen circumstances, acts of God, acts or omissions of other parties, acts or omissions of civil or military authorities, Government priorities, fires, strikes, floods, severe weather conditions, computer interruptions, terrorism, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, riots or war. Vocalgebra’s time for delivery or performance will be extended by the period of such delay or Vocalgebra may, at its option, cancel any order or remaining part thereof, without liability by giving notice to Customer.